Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CTS 835 Middlebear H-Loop

Today I was feeling frisky so I decided to tackle the Middlebear H-Loop. It turns out it's the first time in nearly 14 months.

The reason is many times when I get to the turn off on East Ponce, I would opt to go home.

But this time, maybe because of the recent 10-miler on the Silver Comet or the ING Georgia Half-Marathon, I decided to run a longer run.

Having run it, I can tell the quality of my running has changed. L1 really kicked my butt. I passed another runner up L2 and then on L3 I could feel my leg muscles not completely used to this hill.

It's an interesting balance between training and training too hard. I'm pretty sure, though, that these runs will be added to the rotation as I continue to work through the spring.

Time: 11 a.m.
Temp: 61 degrees
Gear: SST (Bally's), shorts, AP/D2.

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