Monday, December 31, 2007

Great fun!

WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. -- I know it's not great fun if you have to live here and do it all the time, but I donned my snow running gear and shoveled my parents' driveway.

A way to burn off a nice burger at The Country House, ranked one of the best in the city by one of its newspapers. Fries just like at Manuel's. Mmmm.

Day 365

WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. -- When I run out over the snow, I think of the episode of Band of Brothers where Dick Winters is running across a snowy field toward the young German soldier.

Running in snow is so different. For one, it's so much easier to see -- you can almost see forever.

The cold weather makes it so much easier to run. And the crunch crunch of snow underneath is unforgettable.

Today I've run for every day this year, in the snow, in the heat, within wooded trails, in the desert.

It's been a great motivator. Here's to running through the next 365 days.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

A snow cat

WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. -- This morning I trudged out into the cold and ran around my folks' neighborhood. I think I was properly geared up, although my face was a little cold. I took off my hat halfway through the run.

I stayed away from the sidewalks at first because I wasn't sure if ice would make them slick to my running shoes. Not too bad tho.

Gear: CFLST, T-shirt, North Face pants, APA4, hat, Nike Climafit gloves.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gearing for snow

There's an orange Nike box in the back of my closet that contains a little-used item of my running gear -- a Gore-Tex lined pair of running shoes. They are probably a decade old.

But I think I may have to pull them out of the box and bring them with me for my trip to Chicago tomorrow. I like how the last four days of my year's worth of consecutive running days will be from my birthplace.

Already I can tell I'm a winter cat. Yesterday I ran twice just to be out in the cooler weather. It's no problem to be a winter cat -- as long as you stay warm.

So I'll be bringing the extra CFLSTs, running pants, gloves, windbreakers and even a hat!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Must. Ride. Bike.

I had so much sugar and other Christmas food in me yesterday that I went out for a short midnight run (Day 360) just to hopefully burn off something before going to bed.

This morning the ground was wet -- I have a no biking rule for wet pavement, but since it wasn't raining (and wasn't expected to) I decided to bike to work. The water on the ground actually helped my bike move a little faster to work (not a problem going in a straight line but trouble if you actually need to control it).

So I'm better, and happier for doing that.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Operation Cat Check 1

Today I ran out to Empire and Brigid's house, where I'm checking in on their cats while they are out.

It was about 55 degrees out, so no need for nothing but shorts and a T-shirt (FTP).

It was good to mix up the run -- it took two weeks for my right ankle to feel okay for running down Atlanta's sidewalks like a running back -- over, around and through things.

Recently, though, I've thought about taking up trail running again, especially since it's hard for me to get motivated for running around my neighborhood for the umpteenth time. This long run (Day 357) helped, but I hope to put in more variety for the weeks ahead.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cold back on

The cold weather is back!

Route: City Hall East shopping center
Time: 12:30 p.m.
Temp: 38 degrees
Gear: SST(Braves-Park), CFLST, shorts, APA5

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Back on the bike

The last two days I've commuted to work on my bike, really the first time in a while. I'd been concerned previously about trying to make it home with a lot of rush-hour cars when it was dark out, but it hasn't been so bad.

I like the idea of riding to work when I can. Would love to see hybrid owners suck it up and totally travel on their own power. lol Plus, getting a little more exercise is a plus. lol

The ankle sprain is nearly a thing of the past, it definitely doesn't hurt while on the bike and I ran last night without the brace.

Was really windy last night and running was unpleasant. Looking forward to slightly warmer temps in Vegas.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Look ma, no brace!

Because I'd walked around today without the brace, I tried running tonight without it, on the same course where I'd injured it.

And it was fine. No problems at all. I ran fast, took jumps, everything. I did concentrate a little harder on the ground.

Maybe it's the running every day. Maybe I just got lucky.

With brace

After work yesterday, I went and got an ankle brace. It fit pretty good and I could wear it with my shoes.

I ran with it for a short run, just to test things out and then wore it later on that evening.

That being said, today I just left it in the car when I went to work, just in case I need it. The ankle feels pretty good and I may even risk running without the brace today.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

But on the 1,001st mile...

...but on the way home early Saturday, I sprained my right ankle horribly. I was a block away from my house and heard a couple popping sounds. I looked down and my right shoe was at a terrible angle under my leg.

I hobbled back to the site where I rolled it and I couldn't find anything that would have made me do it.

Yesterday was a little rough but today it is much better. Reading the Runner's Complete Medical Guide made me feel better -- I would definitely know if my ankle was broken because I wouldn't be able to walk on it without severe pain.

So I'll have to just suck it up like Adrian Peterson and keep running, albeit a little more carefully. And maybe with a brace.