Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 2,290: Hot already

Today we went to Piedmont Park. Only mid-morning, I didn't think I'd have to worry too much about the weather.

But almost immediately I could tell that it wouldn't be one of those regular, pleasant runs I'd been having. Halfway into the run, I was sweaty.

Then it turned out that K.'s spare bottle was missing from the stroller. I must have dislodged it going over a curb.

So I turned around, left Piedmont Park and we retraced our steps back home.

About halfway home I noticed K. was playing with a new toy -- the missing bottle. It must have fallen down into his seat.

Anyway, I'll have to start running earlier -- and more often to get used to the heat.

Time: 10:45 a.m.
Temp: 70 degrees
Gear: SST (Va-Hi 5K 2010), shorts, Nike Air Pegasus+/29.