Sunday, August 23, 2009

CTS 966: Like on the Tour

Today my gf and I hit the road for a 6.6-mile run on her course. It was pretty breezy, despite a late (9:30 a.m.) start and I've gone back to wearing regular cotton T-shirts (SST) instead of the all-plastic wicking shirts.

It's an interesting combination when we run. My girlfriend is a speedy, all-around runner, kind of like how Lance Armstrong is in the Tour de France -- pretty good on the flats and the steep hills. I'm more like the domestiques on his team, a natural hill runner who helps pull her up the hills.

I'm getting better at her course, though, and more quickly able to recover after the steepest hill, which is Piedmont Avenue before Piedmont Park.

Today I really thought about stopping to get water while in the park but I decided not to. I ran and recovered pretty well in the bowl but after we ended the run, I drank a lot of water. Unsure whether I'll stop to get water in the future in the park.

Glad it's cooling down though.

Gear: SST (Carolina-gray), shorts, Nike Air Pegasus/D3.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

CTS 963: Registered for a half-marathon

I just registered for the 13.1 Marathon Atlanta on Oct. 4. The early registration fee of $55 expires at midnight.

Originally I was not planning on running in this race because the original proposed course was going to be downtown (and seemed a lot like the ING Georgia half-marathon course). But this one will be near Oglethorpe University, so different surroundings.

Hopefully I'll do ok!

Monday, August 17, 2009

CTS 960: Middlebear

Not sure why but I ran the middlebear route today even though I had run m's route the day before.

My legs were pretty tired throughout the run. I bought a bottle of Vitamin Water at the Candler Market -- drank half of it there and then held onto it and drank the other half by the time I crossed Freedom Parkway at North Highland Ave.

I guess it's good to run a nice distance for exercise but I wonder if it has value if my legs are tired.

Also noticed there was a dude walking on Euclid that had the same make and year of shoes that I was wearing!

Time: noon
Temp: ?
Gear: CFSST (St. Patrick's Day run), shorts, Nike Air Pegasus/D3.
Drink: Vitamin Water, purchased (591 ml).

Saturday, August 15, 2009

CTS 958: Fifth pair

On Friday I broke out my fifth pair of Nike Air Pegasus shoes, which I'll call D4 from here on out. I have a single fresh pair left. Right now I'm running short mile runs with them.

Running more miles means the shoes get spent more quickly. My D2s have 385.27 miles on them; their replacements, the D3s, have 314.39.

Here's to more miles and new shoes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CTS 955: Middlebear, gifted

Today I procrastinated, skipping the potentially cool morning for a mid-morning run. It should have been bright and hot, but instead it was very cool and nice. Some sprinkles.

My middlebear route was pretty easy, considering I had run a race pace course with a harder hill the day before. I brought an extra shirt but did not need it.

Time: 11:30 a.m.
Temp: 76 degrees
Gear: CFSST (St. Patrick's Day run), shorts, Nike Air Pegasus/D3
Drink: 500 mL water.

Monday, August 3, 2009

CTS 946: Half of the 1/2, again

Today, because I had extremely short runs the last 3 days, my legs were really fresh and I decided to do the 9-mile route of the last half of the ING Georgia half-marathon route plus the Freedom Park PATH cut through home.

Doing this got me back on course for my weekly mileage.

It was a pretty pleasant run. I ended up not having to drink water at Peachtree and 5th unlike last time and pretty much drank only at the 5 mile point.

I did have 4 12-ounce cups of water when I stopped off at work to change my shirt. The water was almost my undoing because I felt so full when I walked out of the office tower that I didn't know if I could run.

But I did and felt really good (a lot of coolant in me?) the rest of the way back.

Time: 7:20 a.m.
Temp: 75 degrees
Gear: CFSST (ING Georgia 1/2 2009 and Charles Harris 10K 2009), shorts, Nike Air Pegasus/D3.