Friday, June 27, 2008

General musings

I've been pretty pleased lately that the hill I dread on Highland-Baker on my bike route home hasn't been that hard for me lately. Mebbe I'm getting my road legs.

Recently I've gone on a salad kick for lunch -- not so interested in the heavier, greasier kinds of foods that slow me down in the afternoon (food coma?).

Running has been good -- I've "tapered" for the Peachtree that is next Friday but I might go this weekend to run up Cardiac Hill and the Olympic Mile so I can have that under my belt.

Speaking of belts, I weighed myself this morning and I've dropped between 5-7 pounds. Holla.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ten clicks at Bemis

WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. -- Not sure what got into me, but I decided to prepare for the Peachtree 10K by running at least that distance.

It was nice and cool starting out in the very green Bemis Woods path. I must have some kind of tendinitis near my left ankle because I can feel it for the first mile or so, but it goes away.

I decided I'd run for about 31 minutes on the 6.6-mile path and then turn around and come back.

Halfway in, I settled into a sort of cruise mode, which upped my confidence for running in the 10K race. On the way back, less than a mile to go, I was in full attack mode and running as fast as I could.

Saw a deer on the way back, crossing the asphalt path, which was very cool. There also was a snapping turtle on the road with about .6 left.

Even though I was completely soaked in sweat, I felt good, which is the key. The 74 degree temperature is likely what I'll face in the Peachtree. The main difference between this route and the course are the giant hills in the Peachtree. But hopefully I will be able to use experience and get through them.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A number! (Peachtree 10K)

On my way out to work this afternoon I didn't even notice the large white envelope in my mailbox. I just tossed it and the other mail on the floor on my rush to get out.

This evening I discovered it was my Peachtree 10K race number! Yay!

I'll be in Time Group 4, so not too bad considering I've been as far back as Time Group 6.

2003: Time Group 5
2004: Time Group IA
2005: Time Group IA (did not run)
2006: did not apply
2007: Time Group 6
2008: Time Group 4

My running is not entirely there -- I have a few nagging issues like slight pain in my left shin/ankle when I run and it's been keeping my miles down.

But my heart is there, to participate in a storied race and do well on the great hills in the latter part of the race.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The dry-pavement rule

There's a 30 percent chance of rain today, especially during the time that I would be returning home but I still pulled out the bike and rode to work.

I have a "dry pavement rule" for biking to work -- if the pavement is dry before I leave, I'll go, even if rain is forecast for the day. I don't care so much if I get wet riding home, since I can just shower and change at home. I just don't want to come to work looking like a wet rat.

I have misgivings if it's nice during the day and I drive to work. Plus I've seen several occasions where a "70 percent" forecast of rain means nothing at all.

During the ride in, the air was pretty cool and nice. It was still dark. One runner was already plowing down North Highland.

There's no, or little, traffic at 5 a.m. and I never have to worry about getting a good place to tether the bike at work. Now that gas is nearly $4/gallon, the small bike rack at work is always full.

Last night I made my way through Piedmont Park and the Botanical Garden for my daily run. I am glad that Maui (and the higher elevation?) has been an aid in training and I hope to continue longer distances.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back in Atlanta

Because of the time difference (6 hours) I've been going to bed in Maui about the time I would be waking up in Atlanta.

But for some reason that didn't faze me this morning -- about 6 a.m. the cats were up and about and I noticed that it was nice and cool out, something that it really wasn't yesterday afternoon when I went for a very short run after being up for about 33 hours.

The humidity is back in the ATL and it'll take some getting used to. Being up that early on a Sunday morning was nice though -- no one was really out and I pretended that the neighborhoods leading to Piedmont Park were just an extension of the country roads I had been running on in Maui.