Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 2,734: Quick notes

Quick notes for today's 6.16 mile run to Atlantic Station, mainly to keep track of my hydration.

Time: 7:30 a.m.
Temp: 74.7 degrees (85 percent humidity)


3.8 miles: 1 gulp water
4.6 miles: 4 gulps
5.6 miles: 7 gulps

9 oz. Gatorade after run.

Gear: Technical T-shirt, short (Charles Harris '14), shorts, Nike Air Pegasus+ 31.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 2,728: Week Zero

The other day I came across a posting on a social media site in which someone mentioned they were heading into a marathon this weekend with a little more than 400 miles of training.

That's not enough, I thought as I read that. At least for me.

During that same time period I logged more than 630 miles on the roads. And I am three days from embarking on the first week of an 18-week training program that at least for me will be the toughest training I have ever done for an event.

There will be two months when I will exceed 200 miles for the month and as such will push my yearly mileage on pace to be close to breaking 2,000 miles for the year -- something I have never done as a runner. I am also projected in August to cross 10,000 miles for my running streak.

And much of that training will be during Atlanta's grueling summer days of high heat and high humidity. I'm also going to clear my summer and fall schedule of all races -- the only race I will do between now and the Oct. 26 Marine Corps Marathon will be the July 4 Peachtree Road Race (it will be my 10th running of the race and finishing it will give me "streaker" status in which special consideration will be given toward getting in the race in future years if I do not get in through the traditional lottery).

By the numbers, my running this year resembles that of 2010 when I ran in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I have similar speed in the 5K, 10K and half-marathon, giving me a realistic shot at breaking 4 hours for a marathon.

Since the Publix Georgia Half Marathon in March, when I trained using the half-marathon version of the program I'll use for the full marathon, I've tried to be aggressive in keeping my base mileage between 30-40 miles a week.

Everything feels right going into this training period and yet there will be crucial things I will need to work on, including having proper hydration and fueling to keep from developing leg cramps at the end of the race. So, all this work upfront and there's no guarantee I can do what I want to do with the race. The only thing I can do is work hard and be mindful of the details and hope for the right conditions to earn a successful race.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 2,717: The Pegasus 31s are out!

Placed my order today at for a brand-new pair of Nike Air Pegasus+ 31s.

I'd previously gone through two pairs of Pegasus 30s (the current pair has 440+ miles on them) and would not have ordered the 31s so soon if I hadn't had a $25 coupon from redeeming points at My Coke Rewards.

Last December had a special promo where I could redeem points for the Nike coupon for what amounted to half off.

I held onto that coupon until today. Without those points I likely would have bought a third pair of Pegasus 30s now that the price has dropped since the new model is out.

Although I enjoy running in my Skechers Go Run 2s, I really can feel the pounding in my knees whenever I am out for a 6-mile run. So I've been thinking of limiting running in that shoe to shorter courses.

The week I was in the Netherlands and Belgium I had it really good -- the temperature for running was in the 50s-60s and no humidity.

Since I've been back, it's been the same old stuff -- today it was 72 degrees and super humid as always. I haven't had to bring a fresh shirt for the middle of a run yet -- but I've been tempted to.