Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 2,012: The Peachtree 10K

In the past few years, I've opted to drive down to Piedmont Avenue, park my car and make it down to the MARTA Midtown station.

But this year, knowing that I would just be running the Peachtree 10K as a reward for running, I decided to run to Midtown station, a distance that is a little more than 2 miles from where I live.

It was worth it. The cool air was nice as I headed down the road. I crossed the finish line as I continued to the train station, stopping to take a quick (but blurry) picture. I caught up with a Group B runner also running to the station.

I got off at Buckhead station and walked down to the parking lot next to Macy's where there was water (thankfully) and portajohns set up. I stood there with my water, 45 minutes early, watching the sub-seeded runners go through their stretching exercises.

At about 15 minutes before the race started, I went to get in the Group A area. Only the closest entrance was blocked off. They were tying it shut. It reminded me of the craziness at the start of the 2010 Chicago Marathon. At least this time people weren't freaking out and trying to badger the race volunteers and hop the fence. We simply walked around.

It turned out the part of Peachtree where Group A was staged from was a divided street and the section of road closest to us was to capacity. The other side of the concrete barrier wasn't bad. There was a lady wearing here 2010 Chicago Marathon shirt.

The race started and I had a very even pace. I was enjoying that it wasn't too hot. At Mile 2 I made my way to the Moe's people, who usually give out things to runners. Instead of T-shirts this year it was headbands. I picked one up and continued on.

Really not much to say about this year's race but I just kept a very steady pace. I only was off of last year's pace by less than a minute, which is good for the I-don't-care-what-time-I-finish category.

It was nice that my parents, my wife and young baby K. were waiting for me at the meeting area for X-Y-Z. We strolled through Piedmont Park, picking up some great things, such as Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches, extremely sweet peaches and of course, my favorite for the South, a Diet Coke to cap off the race.

We all walked back up the hill to the house. My eighth running of the Peachtree ended pretty pleasantly.