Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 2,279: I've registered for the Atlanta 10 Mile!

After participating twice in the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler in Washington, D.C., I always thought it would be great for Atlanta to have a 10-Mile race.

Actually this year there are two new 10-mile races. There's the Historic Roswell 10-Miler on April 13 and on Oct. 27, the Atlanta Track Club will host the Atlanta 10 Mile run in conjunction with its marathon and a 5K race.

I've always thought the 10 mile distance was a good one. Especially if you're someone like me who has not done a bunch of long runs.

Back in 1999, I ran the Centralia (Washington) Half Marathon with my longest run being 4 miles at the time. I got to mile 10 and then really hit the wall.

See what I'm getting at? Now I can run to my heart's delight without paying the consequences!


Recently, with our move putting us even closer to Piedmont Park, I've been doing the bulk of my running that way. It doesn't have the distance as say running the length of the nearby Eastside Beltline trail, but still fun to do nonetheless.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 2,256: I've registered for the Peachtree 10K!

I was in a tizzy last night. I saw on the Atlanta Track Club's information site for the Peachtree 10K road race that we were supposed to have been mailed information related to ATC members' early registration for the July 4th race.

I couldn't find mine. I received membership information but no registration information. Thankfully after an e-mail, the ATC sent me my registration info.

This year they have add-on options for a technical T-shirt (which I wish they would just provide for all finishers since in July in Atlanta, it's a better option to wear than a cotton T-shirt that gets soaked immediately in the humidity) and a commemorative medal.

Call me a sucker -- I ponied up for both ($27.50 for the T-shirt) and $10 for the medal. The T-shirt because it's practical -- I'll wear it all the time. The medal, only because it's the first year they are doing so.

This will be my 9th running of the race. After you run in it 10 times I think you get special consideration if you try to register in the lottery but don't get in.

It also may be my last running in Group A. My eligibility under my PR race that I ran in the 2011 Charles Harris 10K ends this year, forcing me to start looking up races if I want to get a sub-48:00 time. (Laziness prompted me to not run in this year's Charles Harris, even though I'd already signed up for it. It was for a good cause, anyway).

I've already qualified for Group B with a 52-minute race in the Eastside Beltline 10K in October. I don't know if it matters that much to me, it's better to be in B than to start in the back.