Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Unpredictable (EIS Prediction Run)

OK. So there are predictions and there are predictions. I came to the Prediction Run thinking it would be really ambitious to think I could eke out 17:32 on the 2-mile course, considering my best mile in the 1/2 marathon was 8:30.

I was sad I missed the run the last two years -- the 2006 T-shirt is really cool -- it's like an old 1940s horror movie ad starring Hurricane Katrina and bird flu and directed by the CDC director. LOL.

The start at Piedmont Park was fast and then when I saw people struggling on the small hills in what used to be my home turf, I turned it up. I liked the idea of blowing by the ranks of Commissioned Corps and disease detectives.

The final few meters were pretty novel -- you had to climb up a big set of stairs. But no problem. Hopefully this means I'm ready for Satty's Climb Atlanta!

My time: 15:19. I blew by two guys who were ahead of me the entire race. Rock!

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