Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 2,616: 178 miles

Today's easy 6.01-mile run put me at 178.41 miles for the month, the most I have run in any month except August 2010 when I was training for the Oct. 10, 2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

That month I put up 210.84 miles, with nearly half of that mileage coming from long runs --a half marathon (the 2010 Rock'n'Roll Chicago Half Marathon), a 14.5-mile run, a 16-mile run, an 18-mile run and two 20-mile runs.

The last five weeks I've run more than 43 miles a week. Despite constantly having to think of places to fit in six- to 12-mile runs all the time, I've felt pretty good about the training so far and it's probably a healthy way to go about life.

It will be interesting when I'm training for real starting in mid-June for a marathon.

Time: 8:48 a.m.
Temp: 27 degrees
Gear: Technical T-shirt, long x2 (Big Peach Five Miler, Chicago Marathon in training), shorts, Nike windbreaker, gloves, Nike Air Pegasus+ 30.

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