Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 1,354: No Bison Stampede this year

The last two years, Ted's Montana Grill here in downtown Atlanta has had a great October 5K event -- the Ted's Bison Stampede.

What's great about it? It has a nice community atmosphere. Last year they handed out bison-horned fuzzy baseball caps to wear during the race (although myself and others didn't wear them). After the race, they hand out bison sliders and Sweetwater Brewing Co. gave out samples of beer.

It even received a small write-up in the races section in an issue of Runners World last year.

It's been a fun time for me, with the 7 Bison Sliders I had after last year's race and a great year during the inaugural race even though I left my race bib in the car minutes before the start.

But this year there's been no word. Only information and write-ups on previous stampedes on the Internet.

I e-mailed the race organizers from last year's event and received confirmation that the chain decided not to host it this year.

Too bad! I hope Ted's reconsiders hosting this wonderful 5K in the future.

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