Thursday, January 14, 2010

CTS 1,110 Back in the booth

Once again it's on, I'm back in the booth...
-Young Jeezy

After a 12 mile run on Sunday over a very hilly Decatur half of the ING Georgia Marathon course and not really knowing what I wanted to do, I finally wrote out the $20 check that covered the difference between what I paid in August for the ING Georgia Half Marathon and the full marathon, and put it in the mailbox.

It's a relief to have a new focus, to be back in training for my second marathon after a hiatus of nearly 11 years. After I finished the Portland Marathon in 2000 I swore I'd never run in a marathon again.

But times have changed. I'm a lot better about keeping up with my running than a decade ago. I have a better idea of how to manage my training -- and a good running partner to keep me honest.

And, having had the last decade under my belt, I've realized how easy it is to fall out of training to the point where even a 5K seems like it would be a stretch to do. I know that you never can tell what kind of running shape you'll be in from year to year, as you can always be waylaid by an unexpected injury.

So, with being able to run the half-marathon distance as a training run, I feel that a March 21 marathon, even a hilly one, is my closest window to completing a marathon.

When I entered the year, I had two marathons in mind: the October Chicago Marathon and the December Honolulu Marathon. But I can't tell what the summer will bring, whether I'll be able to train in Atlanta's heat and humidity.

So the line gets drawn here.

In other news I just ordered a new pair of running shoes -- a pair of Nike Air Pegasus 26's. I ordered them online, the first time I've done so. But the shoe sizes for Nike usually are consistent and with the Air Pegasus line I know what I'm getting.

My current running shoes already have more than 200 miles on them and my knees have felt like it's already time to start thinking about a new pair. Plus at this rate they would have 400-500 miles on them by the time March rolls around and I would need to break in a new pair.

Short run today, enjoyed the above 40 degree weather.

Time: 12:50 p.m.
Temp: 43 degrees
Gear: LST (Shamrock 5K), shorts, Nike Air Pegasus/D5.

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