Sunday, February 8, 2009

CTS 769: Early morning, and warm

The weather was so great this morning it was about 53 degrees. Despite the niceness of it, having less than normal sleep the last two days really caught up with me.

I ran a short route, my legs pretty tired. But these are the kinds of days where you earn your keep in a 769 consecutive day series. I eked it out, felt pretty strong at the turnaround and was happy I did it.

I am routinely running up series of hills where I would have been fine taking a breather a few months ago.

Leg strength really is the key for hills. It allows me to "float" up them at standard effort and plan for what I'll do on the next hill. And the next.

Glycogen is like the afterburners of a fighter jet -- sure you can burst up a hill, but after that, that's pretty much all you've got and there's nothing that will now distinguish you from a cargo plane.

But building up leg strength and speed and combining that with experience on hills -- not panicking that you're exerting too much too soon -- makes runs that once were hard pretty easy.

I'm constantly having to revisit my prior notions of routes -- in the past, I'd pass them up thinking they were too "hard" to do on a particular day. But now they are all doable.

Didn't wear the moleskin on my right foot today. It was fine during the run although the right shoe still doesn't tie as tight as I'd like.

Time: 8:30 a.m.
Temp: 53 degrees
Gear: LST (Ted's), shorts, AP/D2s.

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