Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 2,956: 27 degrees!

As much as I like to wax poetic about running, this blog primarily is a running gear blog so I know what to wear in different temperatures.

Today was one of the colder days and I didn't really have the luxury of trying to wait until the afternoon to run when it was warmer.

So I bundled up -- two long sleeve technical T-shirts and my trusty Nike windbreaker, threw on those great Brooks Spartan II running pants that I bought with my own money and headed out the door.

Today's run was 6 miles, to Atlantic Station and back, along the 17th Street bridge. It's one of my favorite routes, since it was part of the long run course that I used when I trained for the 2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. It's also nice that going out and back makes for an even 6 miles.

The best thing about having finished five marathons and running every day for more than eight years is that the running route playbook is large and it doesn't take much time for me to think of where I want to run when I want to run a particular distance.

By the time I got back the nifty weather sensor the wife got me for Christmas said the temperature had risen to 33 degrees. No matter, I kept everything I was wearing on during the entire run.

Yet just the day before, it was 37 degrees during my 6-mile run and my thick Marine Corps Marathon finisher's mock turtleneck ended around my waist by the time I got to Piedmont Park. The air felt good wearing just a single long-sleeved technical T-shirt and I was shocked to learn it wasn't 50 degrees by the time I was home.

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