Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 2,957: Sneaking a run in the botanical garden

After a blissful five days in which I ran 31.67 miles (including wonderfully grueling back-to-back 8- and 9-mile runs) because my in-laws and parents were in town, today was back to the double-stroller grind.

I didn't mind too much because I kind of needed the rest and it's nice to look forward to some easy days to balance out the week.

Anyway, we found ourselves in Piedmont Park and after checking on a geocache, the little one asked if we were going to the botanical garden.

That wasn't my initial plan, but unlike many times when I run, I actually had my wallet on me and our family membership card for the garden.

It turned out to be wonderful, late afternoon in the middle of the week, one of the few times in which no one was around at all. When you enter the garden there usually are people about and it really, really doesn't feel right to just be blazing your way through the paths.

But just this once ... We ended up at the children's garden, where I let the little guy out to play and then on the way back when everyone was back in the stroller, cut loose once again.

On the main path, we careened past a guy in a suit. That felt a little bit naughty, and soon we were past the gates and on our way to see the ducks of Lake Clara Meer in Piedmont Park.

Time: 2;53 p.m.
Temp: 50 degrees
Gear: Technical T-shirt, long (Big Peach 5-miler), shorts, Skechers Go Run 3.

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