Saturday, February 20, 2010

CTS 1,147: Frayed cord

Today when I was about to go out for a short run, I noticed there was something wrong with my iPod 3G shuffle -- it turned on but I couldn't hear anything.

Puzzled after a while, I hooked up the shuffle to its original -- but irritating -- earbuds. They worked fine. I then hooked the device up to my old headphones plus my Belkin Headphone Adapter for iPod Shuffle.

It didn't work.

Only then I noticed that one of the cords on the adapter was frayed, right at the remote control junction. It got worn out from flapping around while I was running.

Luckily I have a brand new iPod nano that I can use my old headphones on. But I still want to use my smaller iPod shuffle -- its compact size was great during my recent trip to Florida -- so I've decided to give another option a try -- a pair of Acoustibuds headphone adapters.

Hope it works.

I used the original iPod shuffle earbuds today and ran with them. They were pretty irritating to use -- the left earbud does not fit in my ear and constantly pops out.

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