Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CTS 919: Deer sighting at Bemis

WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. -- To keep my mileage up, I ran 8 miles today from my parents' home into the Bemis Woods forest preserve. It was actually a pretty easy run -- 2 miles to the forest preserve, then a Raptor one-five turnaround at the 4-mile mark using the Hammer of Dawn.

Right before the turnaround, I saw a deer jump across the path, a little ways in front of me. Still pretty cool to see.

Unlike in Atlanta, however, the suburban Chicago drivers have no regard for crosswalks. At the Wolf Road crossing, I had to stop traffic to let two women on bikes with toddlers in tow cross -- they had been waiting there for a while.

On the way back, this guy actually honked at me while I was crossing in the middle of the crosswalk. I was like, fuck you buddy, this is a crosswalk.

Hit me and I'll be owning your house and your SUV and you'll probably do more time than Donte.

That got me fired up to run the last 2.7 miles home.

I didn't bring any water on this trip -- I wanted to carefully monitor myself to see how I would do. I didn't drink any water during the Peachtree 10K so it was good to see what the limit is performance-wise.

Drank a bunch when I got home.

Time: 10 a.m.
Temp: 72 degrees
Gear: SST (El Paso), shorts, Nike Air Pegasus/D3.

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