Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day 2,891: Finish what you started

At the end of the Marine Corps Marathon I felt neither exhilaration nor relief at breaking four hours for the first time. I was just exhausted physically and mentally. There was one thing I knew though -- there's no way I am running in the Honolulu Marathon in six weeks.

I had to give this $55 race entry credit for starting one of my strongest running years and helping me accomplish my goal of breaking the four hour mark in the marathon.

But in the weeks after the Oct. 26 race, as I struggled to get back into running rhythm, thoughts kept popping in my head that I can't pass this up.

I'd always wanted to run in the Honolulu Marathon. But always things kept coming up. It was too far away. The timing wasn't right. And in many cases, my training wasn't there.

But this time, I knew this would be an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I don't know how my training will be a year or even five years from now. While I can't say I am in the same shape I was in before I ran in the Marine Corps Marathon, my training still has to be better than average. And there's nothing for me to prove in this race since the four-hour mark is no longer hanging over my head.

I can't tell you this is going to be a great race for me. All I know is that I will do it and with it will be one more story in one of my best years in running.

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