Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back to Bemis

WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. -- Today after a little procrastination, I made my way to Bemis Woods, where I last ran there in June.

I ran along the bike path (less than 5:00 to Wolf Road, at about 7:30 the shelter, and at a minute the trail turn-off) until the trail turn-off where I went last June. It was wet and muddy but there still was snow on the ground.

So of course I went.

It was pretty interesting to see the same beautiful nature preserve in a different season. There were cross-country ski-tracks. A big dog. And, in one place, a deer. I ran along that way and then turned back when I hit Wolf Road again.

When I got back to the bike path, I wanted to try and get a longer run in, so I turned left and continued down the path to I think 31st Street before turning around.

The run back was strong but I was a little sore in the legs, meaning I need to work harder at getting longer runs in. I may have to go back to The Carter Center and start from there to ensure I'm getting the course length I need.

It was about 33 degrees out. CFLST, SST (El Paso), running pants. AP/A5 (which worked really well, even in the snow).

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