Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New skillz, old friendz

So when I got home I had about a half-hour left to get my bike over to the bike shop so I could get my flat tire fixed.

I wheeled it to my car and was about to take the rear tire off with the quick release when I noticed ... the brakes aren't quick-release. You have to hex wrench those puppies off.

I mean, I could take a deflated tire off but there would be no way I could put an inflated one back on again without loosening the brakes apart.

So I wheeled the bike back to my apartment and figured out how to do it. I tested putting the back wheel back on a few times before just taking the tire to Atlanta Cycling, where they kindly changed the tube in the tire for me even though it was their closing time.

Elated, I came back home and put the tire on and reset the brakes. And wheeled it around the coffee shop for a test spin. Only thing, the brakes didn't slow the bike down.

I hadn't set the brakes properly, or tight enough. I finally did, but now I'm carrying around a hex wrench on my keychain, not willing to trust my handiwork.

But the main thing is I'm really proud of myself that I figured it all out. I love having grease on my hands. I credit poker's analytics for giving me the patience to figure it all out.


Also today, I ran into my old friend Sara on the PATH trail on the way to work. I love the connections biking to work gives you as opposed to the car commute!

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