Monday, June 11, 2007

Back in kitty business

Today I ran to the bike shop to recover my newly-repaired bike, wearing a small backpack that had my bike shoes and helmet inside.

Atlanta is full of rolling hills, so my front brakes were pretty much worn thin. They were able to true my front wheel, so it doesn't make a noise when I apply the front brake like it used to.

The bike shop always inflates my tires to an insane amount, so the aluminum frame felt stiff and I felt every bump on the way back. But I was happy to have it and ride home.

Compared to Vegas, it's so humid here! Don't know how I'm going to ride to work tomorrow a.m. but would like to in order to avoid the bad traffic around my parking deck downtown and to save on fuel costs.

Running in Las Vegas this past weekend was super boring, btw.

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