Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 3,659: I'm dreaming of a warmer Charles Harris 10K

This year's Charles Harris 10K has been moved to March instead of its traditional end-of-February slot.
In planning my races for this winter/spring, I was surprised to see the annual Charles Harris 10K will be held on March 11.

For many years previously, the race was held on the last Saturday of February, guaranteeing cold temperatures for a favorite Peachtree Qualifier for many in the arrea.

When I ran in the race last year, it was 34 degrees at race start. Two years prior to that, the race was still chilly at 39 degrees. It was 37 degrees at race start when I ran in it in 2011. And I really had to bundle up in the 2007 race when it was 33 degrees out!

Yet a few weeks can make a huge difference in temperature here. When I ran in the Intown Ten on March 6 last year, it was 46 degrees, truly T-shirt and shorts weather! And a few weeks after I ran in the Charles Harris 10K in 2014, it was 50 degrees during the St. Patrick's Day 5K.

I asked race officials about the change and it turns out that the race was moved back because the Run the Reagan now will be held at the end of February. Event organizer Skip Bresser works both races and obviously can't be in two places at once!

So bring on the heat -- and a fast race!

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