Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A turning point

Today I had to go to the office to send out a pair of tickets that I sold on StubHub.

So I decided to run there. I hadn't run that distance (about 7 miles roundtrip) in 17 months and with yesterday's post, I wasn't sure how the knee would feel about it.

But everything was perfect. I followed my bike commute route to work and I really felt good. I ran with the tune used in the Nike commercial featuring Steven Jackson.

Once I get above 6 miles in training runs, it opens up a lot of good things -- speed and confidence in the 5K and 10K, the ability to strike a half-marathon. I drop weight and clothes fit better.

I know now that a lot of it starts with the 5K -- the short, aggressive races give you confidence managing faster-than-normal speeds and the ability to handle longer training distances.

It was like throwing long - I wasn't sure how I would feel. But I'm glad I did it.

Temp: 47 degrees
Gear: CFLST, SST (Thrashers Shamrock), shorts, AP/D1

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