Monday, September 3, 2007

Poker and running

If I ever thought there wasn't a connection between poker and running, I know there is one now!

Too bad I'll be playing real poker and doing some real running along the levies in Tunica, Miss. this weekend!

But we couldn't wait any longer to invite you to our first-ever BPRC Pizza & Poker Run, presented by Adrenaline Fitness and Elwood's Pizza. It's going to be a blast. You don't have to know a thing about poker and all running and walking paces are welcome!

Here's how it works: all registered participants will be given a map where four (4) "dealers" are located. You will have to visit each dealer to get a total of four (4) cards. If you take the shortest route to each dealer, you will cover approximately four (4) miles on foot. For those who wish some extra distance (this is a fun way to get in your long run for the weekend, too), there's no requirement to travel the shortest route or even to visit the dealers in any particular order. All that matters is that you return to Cherokee Plaza (BPRC-Atlanta) with four cards from the four different dealers. In somewhat true "Texas Hold 'Em" fashion, each participant will, ultimately, receive three (3) more "house" cards at Elwood's Pizza. By traditional poker hand standards, the best five-card hand you can cobble together from your seven (7) total cards (4 from the course; 3 from the "house")is eligible to win some fantastic prizes. Plenty of "officials" will be on hand to help you understand to what your cards equate if you are a poker novice. And to add to the fun, Elwood's Pizza will have pizza and beverage (yes, beer included) specials just for "Pizza & Poker Run" participants. As our inaugural Saturday evening activity, this will be fun for families, couples or individuals. Bring some friends (or family members) or meet some during the "round." Again, this activity takes place at BPRC-Atlanta (3881 Peachtree Road/Cherokee Plaza, Atlanta, GA 30319). Please call 404.816.8488 with any questions. Make sure you - - and anyone who might join you - - register below!

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