Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trail impassable

TUNICA, Miss. -- Today I ran along the road that leads to the Riverpark. As I came back, I cut through the dirt roads that lead to the riverpark trail. When I passed one of the boardwalks on the loop, I noticed that part of it was covered in water.

No problem, since I was traveling the other direction to go back out the front of the trail. But right at the end of the big boardwalk near the start of the trail, the sidewalk that connects to it was covered in water.

Not a lot, maybe ankle deep. I could have run through it but wet shoes would not be so nice to 1). run with on Sunday and 2). lug through airports on my way home. So I turned around and hoofed it back, nearly the way I came.

I took a shortcut through the green grove to the other dirt road. Along the way I noticed deer footprints -- they must have been running the same way that I did.

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