Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 2,120: Be the One Run 5K revisited

After skipping last year's Be the One Run 5K, we returned to this nice race at Atlantic Station.

We ran in this race two years ago and it was a pretty pleasant race. This year, with the kurokitten in a stroller, we knew we wouldn't be running it nearly as fast as last time.

At about 50 degrees, it was much warmer than it was two years ago. I wore a short sleeved cotton T-shirt that happened to be the race shirt from two years ago! It wasn't planned that way but I like the shirt so much it's in the rotation.

While we waited, I had a technical long-sleeved T-shirt (Locomotive half marathon) on over it. It was really convenient to stow that shirt in the stroller when the race began.

The race started and although it was pretty congested at the start, we made our way around. Things felt really effortless running around. I recounted my adventures (the Southeast Brain Tumor Foundation run in 2006) and misadventures (not being able to participate in the Shamrock 5K the year the Peachtree 10K Road Race went to electronic registration because the site became jammed up).

I'd forgotten about a hill along 16th Street near Mile 2. The hill going up on Northside Drive was still real, though.

The race was fun and pleasant. It's nice to be a part of the fall racing season.

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